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Are you overwhelmed with thoughts of nutrition and fitness?

Not sure how to work out at home? 

Does meal prep seem like a daunting task? 

Let me streamline the process for you! 


Empowering and educating women and men on how to find strength, confidence and their healthiest self, all while living the fullest life. By realizing we are strong, able and deserving of a healthy lifestyle, we are unstoppable! My passion lays in helping others to realize their full potential and create healthy lifelong habits. 

 Plans are created to be as unique as you are and together, work to sustain it for a lifetime!



I'm Nettie Caine, the owner and founder of Be Fit 406 based out of Montana. My passion is to help individuals reach all of their personal fitness and nutrition goals through guidance and support. I believe everyone deserves a life of strength and confidence and can be of free from ailments that keep them from their healthiest self.


At a young age, I wanted to find ways to help people on the preventative side of health. Our bodies are capable of so many things and sometimes we just need a push in the right direction to make it happen. Being a competitive dancer since the age of 5, I learned ways to strengthen and support my body through cross-training, learning the correct muscles to use, and ways to recover from injuries.


I brought my passion for personal health into my education through a Bachelor of Science from Montana State University in Exercise Science and in Food and Nutrition, focusing on Dietetics. I learned quickly that I wanted to be a personal trainer and nutrition coach, and my education fueled my fire for more knowledge, so I followed my graduation by receiving certifications from the National Association of Sports Medicine.  


As an online coach, I am able to work with anyone, anywhere, and help people achieve goals through programs as unique as they are!

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