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Why We Wait Until Monday or New Year

Monday I will start that new program”

“Next week I will start”

“I’m going to make a new start at New Year’s”

Sound familiar? I know it does to me, but why do we do this? It seems to be a form of procrastination by putting off the start date. If we just start right away, we are more likely to stay on track and keep going. When people set goals to start later, they are less likely to stick to them, most of the time because they are unrealistic to achieve (See my blog about creating your why). To change a day to day behavior you need to think about changing your mentality! Which means changing the idea of when you start and how you think of each day of the week.

The quote I like is “Procrastination is the life you could have lived” this says it just so perfect. If we start sooner when we do things then we have no what ifs, we have no what if I had started last week, month or year? It’s like getting a head start on life!"

Downside of Procrastination

Procrastination can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety in the body. This can lead to headaches, stomach pains and tension, it can also have a negative effect on the mind and the way you view yourself. Once we are experiencing the feeling of procrastination our task is fueled by stress and might not be completed with diligence or care. The task may not even be completed at all due to lack of time or thinking “well it just doesn’t matter anymore.”

Most of us say “oh I’ll start Monday” or “Next year will be my year” Why are you waiting? Everyday is a new opportunity to succeed, no day of the week or year is any more special than another. Success can occur at anytime and doing anything! It does not have to have a certain day assigned to it for it to work! Waiting to start just gives you more time to find excuses not to do it or for life to “get in the way”.

The Benefits of Not Putting Things Off

When you choose to not put things off it can give you the feeling of accomplishment, make a positive impact on other people’s lives, complete other tasks early or on time, keep your stress level down and keep the motivation flowing to maybe try new things!

We all know there is no better feeling then checking things off that to do list! When things get done then you have time to do more of the things that you enjoy! Getting it done can leave you with a clear mind, being able to think and plan for up and coming events in your life without the cloud of undone things hanging over you!

How Not to Procrastinate

I won’t lie to you; I am a procrastinator! It is a character flaw I have had my whole life! I am working on it and have found some ways to help keep myself on track and be sure I complete the things I need to!

Here they are:

  1. Make a list! This gives the opportunity to prioritize what needs to be done! I always recommend starting with the easiest thing first! Then keep going with the next easy and so on!

  2. Set reminders or alarms on your phone! This is one I do all the time! I write my to do 3 times! I write it on the white board calendar, my phone calendar and my paper planner! This way I see it no matter what! Giving me no excuse to say I forgot!

  3. Talk it out with someone! I use my significant other to unload my mind on all the time! If I know I need to get an important task done I will ask if he can remind me! 9/10 he forgets but I don’t because I asked someone else to remind me! Then if he remembers I can say “oh yeah! I already did it!” Or if he does remind me, its already done! Accountability is important!

  4. Don’t wait! Act right away! If you are thinking about something right now… The longer you sit and think the more excuses you come up with! If you have been waiting for a sign to start, then here it is! Do the things you need/ want to! I am the type of person who will always find a solution for someone’s excuse! Stop making excuses and just do the damn thing!

  5. Ask for help! This is a hard one for people, when feeling overwhelmed, we tend to put off projects or tasks because we don’t feel like we can get them done! Never be scared to ask for help! This is a great way to let others know you are trying and sometimes all you need is another person’s perspective, who knows you may have been working too hard!

Take Immediate Actions and Get in Contact Now

If your fitness and nutrition has been on your mind for a while but you don’t know how to get started or you are busy and need to ask for help! Let me help you out! Contact me today for a free consultation and let me take the burden of getting your journey started for you! Online training available and I act as an accountability partner for you. I give you all the tools to succeed! All you need to do is the damn thing! We can do this together!

As always, keep it simple and Be Fit. Be Well.

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