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It’s Okay To Not Be 100% Feeling It 100% Of The Time

We face different events every day- even if we do the same thing day in and day out, that doesn’t mean you will approach the same. things How you slept, what you had for breakfast, did you wake up on time, was your favorite shirt dirty? These are all things that can have a effect on how you feel. You are human and humans have emotions and emotions affect how we eat, what we feel like eating, when we eat, when we workout, what type of workout we do and how much energy we put into it.

Some days you will wake up ready to take on the world and others you may not make it very far, which is FINE and completely normal to have an off time! The times it should be alarming is if you are having a lot of off days to a point that you are severely unmotivated, not eating, not socializing or doing much of anything! I encourage you to talk to a professional if so, mental health is so important!

I try to be real with my clients and readers, I am in no way perfect, there are many days I do not want to get out of bed and go to the gym, pack my lunch, meal prep, make dinner, the list goes on!

Let me share a story with you all;

A few weeks ago on a Friday I had the most jam-packed day I have had in a long time. Woke up and went to the gym around 7:30 in the morning, then proceeded to go to work from 9-2pm after, I headed to my 2nd job at 3 until about 6, finally I had my 3rd job on this same day from 6:30-9pm! I was mentally and physically exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do was go home and cook dinner! So after my 14-hour day I stopped at the grocery store and bought us chicken pot pies and pizza rolls to have for dinner! I felt absolutely no guilt for it either because it was what I wanted and after a long day I just decided I needed it! Some women have wine to unwind after a hard day, for me it’s a good comfort food!

I never felt like I “cheated” or “failed” because of the relationship I have with food and that I try to live my life 80/20; 80% of the time I am doing things right, I eat clean, I work out, I get enough sleep, drink enough water. But 20% of the time I am living my best life, I enjoy treats, foods and snacks without guilt, I drink at functions with family and friends without counting my macros and some mornings I sleep in rather than going to the gym!

I don’t live 20% all day every day that the point of balance, it’s just how I created a healthy relationship with food and with my body. I know that living that 20% life is not going to mess up my training, weight or goals! If anything it will enhance all of that because I am taking care of myself and not living a life of restrictions! You only get one life to live and if you spend all your time eating what my grandpa calls “rabbit food” (salads) for every meal you are going to quit and fall back into old habits! Let yourself eat the things you want and take the rests you need but just remember to get back up and keep pushing!

Keep it simple and Be Fit. Be Well.

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