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What Strength Training Can Do For You

Science is something I love; the human body is so neat and the things it is capable of is amazing. There are so many benefits to strength training that people don’t always know about! Most think that if you lift weights you will become bulky and look like a body builder. This is not true at all, the only way that will happen to anybody is if your energy consumed is higher than energy expended, otherwise you are going to just have so many other benefits.

1. Around 30 years old the production of growth hormone decreases, and some can lose a percentage of muscle tissue during the next decades of life. The scary thing is if your muscle decreases it can influence your metabolism as well. By adding strength training to your workout regimen two times a week you can make the percentage of muscle tissue lost drop significantly.

2. If you increase your strength you then can lift heavier objects, if you have a family you will find that being able to lift your child will be much easier! Daily activities like carrying groceries, dog food or rearranging furniture become easy tasks with less pain and take less time. This also makes you more independent and that is something I feel most people like to be, being able to do things on your own gives a feeling of accomplishment.

3. By your mid-twenties the body has all the bone density it will ever have, that means you need to do all you can to preserve it! Weight bearing movements like weightlifting can do that and prevent the risk of osteoporosis or bone fractures later in life.

4. Muscle is denser than fat and when strength training you are going to replace fat with muscle and your weight may not change as much as you would see with doing just straight cardio! However building muscle is more effective at burning calories so strength training can burn more calories than doing straight cardio.

5. Improving ones muscle strength may also decrease the risk of certain diseases, things like heart disease, high blood pressure, decrease in cancer risks along with improved lung abilities. Weight training improves circulation, increases lung capacity and helps remove toxins from the body that can be carcinogenic.

No matter which of the above reasons drives you want to start or continue weight training, just know that if done correctly will defiantly get you to your health goals and boost confidence! Lifting weights can make you feel so independent, strong and tough! Who doesn’t want to feel like that? What are you waiting for? Lets chat about your goals!

As always keep it simple and Be Fit. Be Well.

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